Job opportunities

job opportunitiesDue to our even-increasing growth, we currently have several traineeships open for a wide range of disciplines.

At Bambology we give students, post graduates and PhD students the opportunity to work in an environment that is both interesting, instructive and, yes, even world-changing.

We are more specifically looking for economists, foresters, ecologists, medical students and logistic scientists to aid us in our endeavor

job opportunitiesBut how are you benefiting from an internship at Bambology, aside from the fantastic Nicaraguan weather, of course? Not only can we give you a captivating time full of experience, we also offer a once in a lifetime opportunity in a large company in Central America.

Our trainees will furthermore profit from academical support from local universities with whom we have concluded an agreement of cooperation.

Last but not least, our interns will be given a free stay in our accommodations, all located in an inspiring environment.

If you want to apply for a student traineeship, please send us your cover letter and curriculum vitae to

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