An investment in Bambology is an investment in a sustainable future.

• The science is strong.
• The product is sustainable.
• The land is available.
• The demand is here and growing.

Are you interested in a profitable, environmentally responsible company?

Next, let us introduce ourselves.

Who or what is Bambology?

Bambology is a company focused and specialised in manufacturing value added wood products. Bambology is, however, NOT a forestry broker but the producer of a product in high demand by the market: biomass in the form of bamboo as a raw material. Why bamboo? Well, because bamboo is 100% natural and sustainable and is confirmed to be usable in hundreds of different applications.


But what after the bamboo is ready to be harvested?

If you invest in a bamboo company without an end-to-end business model for the processing and sale of the harvest, you likely will not be able to have a successful business.

However, Bambology has an integrated business plan including a strong marketing model. With these foundations in hand, Bambology is building factories in the near vicinity of the bamboo plantations in order to process the valuable harvest into a transportable, value added product.

But, growing bamboo is one thing, selling is the next. The sale is not complete until the money is in the bank. This is the key to our integrated strategy.
While our extended market research helped us to ascertain which value added products are in demand, we will be able to call upon our extensive global network to sell our bamboo products with long-term contracts in hand as the desired course.

A little warning

We would also like to warn private investors: we see companies starting offering bamboo lease plans or bamboo bonds promising an astronomical return on investment. We believe, you will not receive what they promise as this often is an agricultural model not an integrated business plan. Bambology however is a complete business model with an integrated businessplan where the harvested bamboo is marketed as a value added product.

Another new trend is the promotion of small scale plantations will not have the critical mass to allow them to be commercially viable. In order to profit in bamboo you have to think big: one hundred hectares will not give you the yield to work cost effectively, nor will five hundred. Bambology start up plantations will be from 5000 Hectares or more with our own productionplants to manufacture value added products.

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