Corporate governance

corporate governmentWithin the Bambology Group, the term “corporate governance” stands for a responsible corporate management and control geared to a long-term creation of value. Efficient cooperation within the board of directors, consideration of environmental interests, openness and a transparency of corporate communication are the key aspects of a healthy corporate governance and fuel the strengthening of trust in the company and its management.

corporate-government-4The Bambology board of directors and group management attach great importance to corporate governance. Our company is well aware of its economical, ecological and social responsibilities and continuously strives to find the right balance between the conflicting priorities and expectations of shareholders, investors, employees, customers, business partners and the general public.

Whenever Bambology starts a plantation or a facility, we always check our environmental footprint, both ecological as social. Concerning the latter, we aim for a positive social impact towards the community by supporting education, healthcare and other social projects.

corporate government

corporate governmentFurthermore, Bambology shall remunerate all workers fairly and responsibly without exploitation or discrimination based on origin, believes, age, sex etc.

Within the Bambology group or any entity that works for or on behalf of Bambology, the use of any kind of child labor or any form of forced labor will be absolutely forbidden.

Every entity that works for or on behalf of Bambology is obliged to respect our corporate governance codex and apply this codex within their company-policy.

Bambology promotes fair business.

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