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Biomass powerplantBambology Productions S.A. will produce and sell bamboo biomass worldwide with an anticipated production capacity of 7.500 metric tonnes per day by 2020.

Production facilities will be used to produce the most value added products utilizing our cultivated bamboo. The key is to produce for our served markets the best bamboo products possible whether this be construction materials, pellets. Chips or other such value added products. There is a growing demand for wood pellets for heating and use in biomass power plants.

A key principle of Bambology philosophy is our aspiration that our production facilities will be carbon neutral with no damage to the environment.
The products

The products.

bamboo pelletsWhere Bambology starts of producing biomass for fuel we will keep looking or other applications in which we can bring a sustainable alternative. This can be construction panels, roofings, laminated beams and more. But also the processing of bamboo into a semi-finished product for manufacturers of final products

Bambology will not just look at bamboo as a sustainable resource Bambology is always looking for a variety of sustainable crops with which we meet market demand.

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