Bambology Plantations

Bambology, Guadua Bamboo Plantations

bamboo plantationsBambology Plantations S.A. currently owns and operates Guadua Bamboo plantations in Nicaragua.

Bambology obtained the first 60,000 Hectare (150,000 acres) of Guadua Angustifolia Bamboo plantation. This will establish the largest privately owned Guadua Bamboo plantation of the world. Bambology plans to exploit its plantations in 5000 Hectare plots to full exploitation by 2025.

Scouting for land

scout landIn order to expand our Bamboo plantations we continue the search for appropriate lands, in the picture on your left you can see some examples of properties we have found as the best spots to grow bamboo.

Bamboo Harvest Service and Land Management

bamboo harvestIn order to ensure our crops Bambology only works with proven specialists in agronomy and forestry. Building and maintaining a bamboo plantation requires experts in the field, it’s for that reason that we only work with well-known universities.

On the plantations we work with locals that know the area and the soil where their families have lived for generations. A key point is that we strive for no surprises.

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