About Bambology

“We aspire to be environmentally responsible role models, leaders, and active participants in the development of our local communities. Whether our business serves a community need or improves the living standards of our employees, we are committed to being good employers, good neighbors, and good stewards of the environment.”

Randy A. Knol MBA, President of Bambology

Brief company introduction

brief company introductionAfter a great deal of research in the field over the past years, there is one, obvious worldwide growing shortage in raw wood feedstock. Given the significant increase in wood consumption such as for use in green energy, the shortage will already be very evident by 2020. This inevitable shortage will drive the markets to demand more and more of a sustainable feedstock – bamboo. Bamboo is equally sustainable and a superior substitute for other more expensive materials.

The possibilities for bamboo seem endless. At this moment you can find hundreds, if not thousands of applications for bamboo in all kinds of industries and markets. More and more industries are testing bamboo to be an alternative for materials they are currently using. At present there is no reliable source for bamboo in the market which is exactly the niche opportunity that Bambology intends to fill.

Business Philosophy

Nature will continue to be negatively impacted by the growing demand for raw materials. Bamboo with its fast growth and sustainability using non-agricultural soils is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for raw materials. Bamboo is an excellent consumer of carbon dioxide and producer of oxygen.

With Bambology we will develop a sustainable future for the world while enhancing the environment

Company Structure

The companies in the Bambology Group

Bambology Holding S.A.

Bambology Holding is the holding company that owns the different legal entities.

Bambology Plantations S.A.

Owns and exploits the plantations present and yet to be acquired. This company supplies Bambology productions with Bamboo.

Bambology Production S.A.

Produces and sells the produced Bamboo and Bamboo products worldwide with a production capacity of 7500 tons per day in 2020.

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